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Eight friends. One night. With a killer on the loose, who will survive Until Dawn?

When a trip to a remote cabin leaves eight friends stranded on a mountainside, sinister events make them suspect they’re not alone…

Gripped by fear and with tensions in the group running high, step into the quaking boots of each of the eight terrified characters as you search for clues to the deranged killer’s identity. By making life or death decisions using the sophisticated “butterfly effect” system, everything you do will drastically alter the course of the story – and the fate of each character.

With spine-chilling performances from a Hollywood cast including Hayden Panettiere brought to life by the power of PS4, your actions alone will decide who makes it off the mountain alive.

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Zaki Shaikh 11 Sep 2017
4 out of 5 stars
Surprisingly awesome.

First thought coming to mind is that this was free with PS Plus but still buy it. It's a unique game, you never would've played something like this and it gets every aspect of the game right.

Santanu Saha 12 Jan 2019
3 out of 5 stars
Great game but broken disc holder

I wanted to collect it as a physical copy , although i got free on ps plus. This game is like interactive movie & u can get a lot of replayability . GameXS a great site for buying & selling games new & preowned . But this time got a broken disc case holder which makes disc loose in case & get some scratches

Rahul Gosain 22 Dec 2016
5 out of 5 stars
Survival at its best !!

Until Dawn is designed to be played multiple times, as players cannot see all content with a single play-through. Each playthrough lasts about nine hours in length and the game mechanics utilize an in-game system called the "butterfly effect" in which any choice of action by the player may cause unforeseen consequences later on.For example, locating a weapon in an earlier chapter may allow the player to pick it up down the line when a chase scene leads back to the same room. Throughout the game, players will make difficult decisions during ethical or moral dilemmas, such as sacrificing one character to save another.The Butterfly Effect system blurs the line between right and wrong decisions, and it is possible for players to keep all eight characters alive as well as having all eight of them die, allowing for many different paths and scenarios as well as offering several different endings for each character.Until Dawn has a strict auto-save system to prevent players from reloading a previous save file to an earlier point in the game if they regret an in-game decision they have made. The only way to change the player's choice is to restart the game from the beginning or continue to the end and start a new game. The developer has stated that Until Dawn has "hundreds of endings" but that should not be taken literally. Different endings have different variations depending on the combination of characters alive at the end of the game. The gameplay is focused on exploration, quick-time events and discovering clues as well as making decisions. There is an in-game system that will keep track of all of the clues and secrets players have discovered in total, even if there are multiple playthroughs; these clues will allow the player to piece together the mysteries of Blackwood. In terms of the gameplay mechanics and theme, Until Dawn has been noted to be similar to Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

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