Street Cricket Champions 2 - PSP (Pre-owned)

Street Cricket Champions 2 - PSP (Pre-owned)




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STREET CRICKET CHAMPIONS 2 (GAMES, PSP) The Street Cricket titles released for Consoles has always been highly popular with casual gamers everywhere. The main consoles that the game released for comprise of the PlayStation 2 and the PSP or PlayStation Portable. The game rose in popularity due to the theme, revolving around Gulli Cricket, or Street Cricket which is a very popular form of cricket seen all over the country. The game is religion in India and everyone practices it with great gusto. Synopsis and Features From the very first stage of the game, you are encouraged to improve your skills step by step. This progressive path adopted in the game helps in maintaining a steady learning curve for players who spend enough time with the game. A lot of Cricket is played in the country; this is reflected in Street Cricket Champions 2 which adopts common areas like streets, roads, open grounds and other commonly seen areas that are easily accessible. There is even a Chawl environment for added authenticity. Not just in India, other cricket nations also have active gatherings of people who come together to play a friendly yet competitive match of Street Cricket. You can have a gripping practice session while experiencing the competitive side of Street Cricket. Freestyle cricket culture is very popular in all parts of the country, which is portrayed very well in the game. There are locations and environments spanning many areas within the game. The freestyle cricket culture has been captured in its authentic flavor in this video game. The PSP or PS Portable is a very versatile gaming platform which is quite capable of high quality animations, cricket shots and game mechanics. The rendition of graphics on the PSP with respect to Street Cricket Champions 2 is well designed and executed fluidly. The game is a huge improvement on the predecessor with improved gameplay and graphics. 5 members form a team in this game, with matches being fast paced and short enough to be fun and exciting at the same time. You can choose to play double innings or double wicket, according to your mood. All you need to do is select the kind of match you want, and then choose the environment you want to play it in. You can select a variety of environments ranging from Chawls, Rooftops, parking lots, Side Streets and even some open grounds. There is a possibility of choosing from among nine international teams and players to mix with your own. You can even have them play against your own local team and try out a battle of skill. Choose a simple Exhibition game, Tournament, or a full scale Street League to derive the maximum fun and excitement. Take a pick and select your favorite bat or ball and go out into town looking for that perfect spot for a match of Street Cricket. It can be your favorite rooftop, or that idyllic side street, a paved lane or a flat open ground will also serve well in this game. Street Cricket Champions 2 will keep you hooked with its innovative style and exciting gameplay options to go with each tournament mode. With the ability to customize your matches according to your individual skill level, you can form the league of your dreams. Play the single player and multiplayer matches and unlock special goodies to use while in the game. The game has been published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PSP and has a PEGI rating of 3 and above for a fun filled family match. The Street Cricket Champions 2 game is a great family game.

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