Dead Or Alive 5 - PSVita

Dead Or Alive 5 - PSVita

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A stunning showcase of fighting spirit, endurance and unbreakable will, the Dead or Alive series has always been an extremely popular franchise. The fights and moves used in the game are all based on realistic martial arts and inspired by real world fighting styles. The game Dead Or Alive 5 Plus is an exclusive release for the PS Vita which has been produced by Tecmo Koei, a prominent production company for video games. The game has a PEGI rating of 16 which is mainly due to the moderate levels of violence featured in the arcade style fighting game. Dead Or Alive 5 Plus comes with a single player campaign as well as a fully functional multiplayer game. The characters in DOA 5 Plus have been rendered in high levels of detail. The extensively designed Story Mode of the game aims to entertain gamers and keep them occupied for long durations of time. Team Ninja and Sega AM2 have done a wonderful job with the DOA series and that hard work is well reflected in the current game. Characters from Virtua Fighter can also be seen in DOA 5 Plus

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Debabrata Sarkar 06 Nov 2017
5 out of 5 stars
Top notch!!

Another satisfied transaction with gamexs...i love this site...i only have one requset that please include more ps vita titles to buy..this is the only site which is value for money

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